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A Little bit about HILARY

Hilary is a qualified Person-Centered Counsellor.  

Person-Centered counselling is the belief that each person is the expert on themselves, but that life experiences, traumas, other peoples’ beliefs and conditions can cloud and block our true selves.  

As a Person-Centered Counsellor, Hilary can assist you to find yourself, by listening very hard to what you have to say, allowing you time to find out who you are and what it is you want to change to make you happy, content, to move forward and help you to find out what feels true to you.    

Hilary will provide you with the right conditions to help you explore your issues in a safe, ethical, non-judgmental and empathic atmosphere.


Hilary has gained experience over the years working with children, young people and adults. Hilary has supported people who have been in the judicial system, have mental health issues, addictions, low self esteem, all forms of abuse, depression and many other human psychological issues.


Hilary has in particular worked with people through bereavement.  Bereavement is a very personal and difficult journey, it is unique to everyone.  Bereavement can also bring up so many other issues which have not been dealt with and make the journey through bereavement more painful.

Allow Hilary to walk along side you through the storm of bereavement, where there feels like there is no end to the storm.

To contact Hilary for a chat or to book your first counselling session with her call 07464 724609 or email her at

you are not alone, let someone who cares help you!
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