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A Little bit about Joe

Joe is a fully qualified and experienced Massage Therapist with a specialism in Sports Massage.

His career started in the construction industry, however, after 6 years he realised that this wasn't his true path in life. After the construction company went into liquidation, Joe took the opportunity to go travelling, which sparked his passion for health & wellbeing. He wanted to help people improve their quality of life. 

Upon returning to the UK, Joe gained qualifications in both personal training and massage therapies. After two years honing his skills in the leisure industry, he realised that is was in fact being a Massage Therapist that gave him the most job satisfaction and that this was his true passion. 

The body can go through a lot of stress, whether you spend many hours sitting at a desk, working in a very labour-intensive industry, doing repetitive movements or putting your body through the paces in your chosen sports activities. Joe is here to help your relieve any problem areas through massage, as well as exercise/movement advice. 

Joe offers a wide range of Massage Treatments at Pure Shores Wellness and he looks forward to meeting and treating you! 

there is no reason to live with pain and discomfort...
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