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Paula Haigh and Andrea Sutton 
Relational Psychotherapeutic Counsellors - In Advanced Training 

Whether you are struggling with a specific issue, low mood or a desire to make sense of life, Paula and Andrea are here to help. 


With them, you can better understand your life experiences and the dynamics of your relationships. You will be able to develop more compassion for yourself, build greater emotional resilience, let go of past pain and bring forth your innate wisdom and strength to re-discover your authentic self. 


With an empathetic, supportive and non-judgemental approach, Paula and Andrea offer a warm, confidential space here at Pure Shores Wellness for you to safely explore your thoughts, feelings and emotions.


They are UKCP relational psychotherapeutic counsellors in advanced training, who have experience working with adults of all ages including young adults and more recently, with older people at Age UK. 


A free initial telephone consultation is offered to discuss what it is you are seeking from counselling, then your first in-person or on-line counselling session with Paula or Andrea can be arranged for you to start your journey towards rediscovering your authentic self. 


Due to their advanced trainee status, they are both able to offer their services for a lower cost fee of £35.


For all inquiries, please call: 01325 624 606 or email Indigo Thinking can be found on Linkedin, Facebook and Instagram.

start your personal journey of re-discovery...
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