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Reiki is a gentle system of healing that helps harmonise and balance the body, mind, emotions and spirit. Energy, or "ki" flows through us and keeps us alive and healthy. When that flow is disrupted or "blocked" - usually by negative emotions such as fear, worry, resentment and anger - this energy stagnates, which can result in physical or mental illness, pain or disease. Reiki goes to the heart of the problem and works on clearing any blockages and restoring the healthy flow of "ki".

Benefits include feelings of deep relaxation and calm, which can stay with you for many days after the treatment. Or you may feel energised and notice increased energy levels in the days following the treatment.

As well as this you may feel a marked improvement in your general well-being.

Reiki can reduce pain and stress, offer relief from anxiety and depression, boost energy levels and promote healing, physical, mental or spiritual health.

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