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Like so many of us unintentionally bypassing our passions in life, I began my career pursuing a demanding city job thinking that is what I wanted to do… How wrong was I?

One day (it must have been brewing inside me for a while) it occurred to me that it wasn’t what I wanted to do at all and then suddenly life was leading me down its own path. I’ve never looked back since! I was exhausted and unwell because of my job and found myself needing to take a good look at my health. Because of the positive effect holistic therapies had on my own personal well-being, as well as being fascinated and intrigued by the individual treatments I received, I felt the strong desire to help other people feel better too. And the rest they say is history…

The first class training I have received combined with the experiences I’ve gained treating clients, but also my own personal exposure to the stresses and strains of living an imbalanced life, have given me the necessary tools, knowledge, understanding and sensitivity to help others improve their well-being.


As I am constantly striving to give my clients the best experiences possible, I will be introducing new and exciting events/treatments to Pure Shores, so make sure you look out for those on the website or on our Facebook page!

Enough about me now, I look forward to getting to know YOU when we meet at Pure Shores Wellness…you'll be in the best hands!

your journey to a healthier & happier "you" starts here...
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