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I have trained intensively and am qualified in a range of different Reflexology treatments, which I am pleased to offer at Pure Shores.

Foot/Hand Reflexology
Facial Reflexology

Reflexology Lymph Drainage

Maternity Reflexology

Fertility Reflexology

Vertical Reflexology Therapy

Reflexology for the "Treatment of Pain" 

Your feet (as well as your hands and face) are like a mirror of your body…they can paint a picture of your health be is physical or psychological, chronic or acute.


In your feet, for example, there are over 7000 nerve endings... By treating the reflex points corresponding to parts of your body they send nerve signals to the central nervous system in quite a precise way, which stimulates every part of your body and starts a healing process. This helps to re-balance your body systems and aids in improving and managing your physical and psychological health.


The aim of reflexology is to encourage your body to repair itself (which it is capable of doing, however, for many reasons it may need a helping hand) and relieve stress and tension in a totally non-intrusive way, just purely by generating a very deep relaxation within you, which will bring your whole body into total alignment.

Some of the key benefits of reflexology are pain relief, improved blood circulation, respiratory function, endocrine (hormone) flow, immune activity, lymphatic drainage, digestive movement, combat fatigue or insomnia, reduce muscle tension, lower blood pressure, aid fertility, as well as reducing stress and anxiety & depression. There aren't any health issues that reflexology cannot help improve.

It helps detoxify your body by flushing toxins and waste out and thus facilitating better transportation of nutrients through accelerated oxygen and blood flow.

The result is a natural balance and you will feel an immense sense of tranquillity, calmness and well-being if you make reflexology part of your life.

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