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A Little bit about Christian

Christian has always loved music, whether it is just to be sat there listening, or playing instruments of his own. The first instrument that he really found he had an affinity with was the didgeridoo; He fell in love with the gentle sounds of this ancient instrument, a tribal instrument known to be thousands of years old. He bought his first didge when in his late teens and has amassed so many since,

including making his own beautiful didgeridoos out of Ash, Birch and Blackthorn wood, with a lot of love and care going into each and every creation.


The didgeridoo is not the only instrument he feels passionate about though, he added to these, with the Native American Flute, Hand Pan, Singing Bowls and many more. He often came across them at various festivals and for one reason or another; he just had to have one, not knowing the real reason as to why.


Christian is an ‘Earth’ sign and having experienced Sound Baths before at some of these festivals, he found them to be so therapeutic, grounding and relaxing, many times, taking him on such a deep and meditative journey.


So knowing the profound effect that sound can have upon the Mind, Body and Soul, it dawned on him that he could use these amazing instruments, to create a real and beautiful ‘Journey Through Sound’ of his own and so he set up ‘SoundJourneybyChristian’ to bring the energy and love of these sounds, as well as their healing power and spiritual energy to the masses.


Christian is a member of the Complementary Medical Association and a fully qualified and fully insured Sound Therapist/ Sound Healer and Reiki Practitioner.


To book a 1:1 Sound Therapy session or Reiki treatment with Christian at Pure Shores Wellness, you can contact him directly on 07849 861713 or via email at He'll happily chat with your about his treatments first, if you would like to get more information about his wonderful therapies.

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